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2017.07.12NHN JAPAN Establishes Corporate Venture Capital Firm “NHN CAPITAL”
photo:Masaki Kato photo:Masaki Kato

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new value through open innovation

NHN CAPITAL was created in July of 2017 as a corporate venture capital (CVC) enterprise of NHN Group, a company which develops many internet businesses in the Asia Pacific region (Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, America, etc.).

As a hands-on CVC founded on the principle of creating new value through open innovation, we at NHN Group offer high quality services in value creation through the abundant assets and knowhow we possess inside and outside of the country to venture businesses with exceptional ideas and technology in every area of their operation.

We will work with our businesses to take them from the confines of Japan into the global market using the limitless possibilities permeating the internet.

  • Representative Director: Masaki Kato
sign:Masaki Kato
photo:Ujin Chung photo:Ujin Chung

NHN’s Growing Worldwide Presence, Experience and Track Record
Bringing You to the Next Stage

NHN Entertainment Corp. (KRX 181710) is a comprehensive internet company that develops its ventures into solutions such as electronic payment services, e-commerce, and ad technology as well as content providers in the gaming, comics, and digital music distribution fields.

Our group maintains offices in eight countries and territories throughout the world, developing businesses that seize on the needs of diversifying markets, and provide services with a competitive edge for each respective region.

NHN CAPITAL has been funding investments since its inception, while the NHN Group provides group networks throughout the world that have grown out of the group’s experience and achievements in business while committing all of its efforts to supporting the growth of those around it. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, the passionate and resolute entrepreneurs of the world.

  • CEO, NHN Entertainment Corp.: Ujin Chung
sign:Ujin Chung

Investment Objectives

We will not only offer capital, but by utilizing the various business domains, knowhow, and technology at our disposal, NHN Group will assist venture businesses struggling to succeed in rapidly growing markets. We believe these efforts will lead to a sense of synergy between our organizations that will allow us to develop alongside all of the entrepreneurs that we serve.

Our Strengths

NHN Group is a global company. We operate not only in Japan and South Korea, but are also currently operating and advancing the profits of numerous business in China, Taiwan, Singapore, America, and elsewhere. Today, more than 100 million clients are using NHN Group’s services. We are capable of offering to our investee businesses the various networks and knowhow we have obtained from the many businesses we are operating around the world, the most important and fundamental components necessary for achieving success, and truly effective support that exceeds the superficial level of simply having overseas offices.



NHN comico

Smartphone game

NHN PlayArt

PC game

NHN Hangame

Internet cloud & infra

NHN Techorus

E-commerce solution



PC game

NHN Entertainment

Smartphone game

NHN Entertainment

  • PC cafe

    NHN Entertainment

  • Ticket service

    NHN Ticketlink

  • Web hosting service

    NHN Godo

  • Investment

    NHN Investment

  • E-commerce

    NHN Wetoo

  • Ad agency

    NHN Entertainment Ad

  • IT solution service

    PnP Secure

  • Ad business

    NHN D&T / NHN TX

  • Payment service


  • China E-commerce

    Accommate Korea

  • Music

    NHN Bugs


Datacenter management

NHN Service Technology

China E-commerce

Accommate Holdings




Hong Kong

Game business supporting

NHN Enetertainment Greater china

  • China E-commerce

    Accommate Hong Kong


Smartphone game

NHN Entertainment USA


Bee 3 Stars



NHN Thailand


Game industry research

NHN Entertainment Singapore

Investment Areas

Focusing primarily on areas in which the foundations of this group lie, this group provides investment for businesses in which we can anticipate the development of business synergy related to IT.

Investment Policy

We target all areas without imposing any specific limitations on the operations of the venture businesses to which we have provided investment.




About Us

NHN CAPITAL Corporation
Purpose of
Guaranteeing and securing new sources of profit
Creating synergy between NHN Group and all its businesses
Head Office 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Corporate venture capital (CVC)
Investment and consultation for venture businesses
50 million yen
Representative Director: Masaki Kato (Representative Partner)
Director: Ujin Chung (CEO, NHN Entertainment Corp.)
Director: Tadahiro Izumi (Representative Director, NHN JAPAN Corp.)
Fiscal Year January 1st through December 31st of each year
Shareholder NHN Japan Corporation (100% interest)
July 12th, 2017